Matching Floor and Wall Tiles

It is sometimes an intimidating task picking bathroom tiles since they're a long-term improvement to your house, therefore getting the proper tile to you is essential. Selecting floor and wall tiles is about the personal decision; however, there are a number of facts to consider together with your project's travel...


You will find differences between floor and wall tiles, noticeable people who have slide resistance that is best for the flooring. Porcelain is the most typical in flooring tiles since they are stronger and more lasting, whereas smaller wall tiles are usually manufactured from ceramic and frequently feature a much more decorative coating.

Flooring tiles are commonly ceramic, they're strong and durable and possess their particular PEI evaluation, which ranges the strength of their substance, making them perfect for high foot traffic areas that may find more wear and tear over time.

Slip resistance can be more prevalent in ceramic tiles, the more elaborate the slide resistance, the safer they are supposed to use in moist regions if that be in a bathroom or an outside terrace. Outside tiles are commonly made from ceramic since they're tougher and more resistant to freeze.

As flooring tiles have been deemed more lasting, there isn't any discernible motive as to why they can't be utilized on the wall also, except maybe the burden of this tile. This is very evident in the example of large format tiles, even though they may be utilized on the wall that you want to safeguard your wall surface is sufficiently strong to maintain a heftier tile, and if you are tiling more than two meters high, you have to consider mechanical fixing that is not acceptable for your DIYer!


Employing exactly the very same sorts of tile onto the wall and flooring is the most typical in contemporary bathrooms as it produces a smooth end and frequently makes a room feel larger. But, it's all down to personal preference and fashion.

You are most likely to utilize another tile to the bathroom flooring since they may offer slide resistance that's not essential for walls. If you enjoy the appearance of polished natural rock, though this seems great on the ground, it is not a good idea to get a bathroom since it'll be slippery when wet so that you'd perhaps limit it into the shower walls.

If you adore the look of fresh white tiles, you would be best sticking into an own shower enclosure for them as they'll quickly appear dirt on the ground. If you're choosing a milder tile on the ground, then attempt darker grout lines as a simple, clean choice.

Having fitting wall and flooring tiles may also impair your options if you are on a budget. If you are mixing and matching tiles in some specific areas around the area, you are able to prioritize the pricier tiles you love to get a decorative feature and utilize more budget-friendly alternatives for the remaining portion of the room. The sink dab is the best place to experiment with color tiles, mosaic tiles or even a little bit of design.


If you are deciding on a wet area bathroom, a fitting wall and floor tile may open up the room and make it seem larger nevertheless it is not essential to match your shower tiles into your flooring.

Create continuity on your area by using a fitting colored grout and silicone sealant. If you are trying to purchase a really smooth end, then try our Aquabase tiling tray that contrasts with our Cemente wall and floor tile.


A bathroom does not have to be tiled wall to the floor unless you are constructing a waterproofed wet area. Tiles are only necessary for regions of water usage to prevent damp from the substrate, the key areas to consider tiling is a shower area and supporting a sink's pops.

Think like an interior designer and consider the best way to use the bathroom during the day and the way you would like the bathroom decorated. Do not be reluctant to use color as the area should reflect your individual taste. But in case you've got a little bathroom having the floor to ceiling tiles can assist the room feel larger. By employing a bigger tile and using fewer grout lines, you are able to make the illusion of a larger space but you can either alter the proportions of space using intelligent placing patterns, they also help add interest to your room.

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